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What to Expect at Haven CC

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

A behind the scenes look before you even walk through our doors!


We know how stressful and overwhelming it can feel to find a new health care provider for you and your family. One of our main objectives is to take the fear out of starting chiropractic care. Our job is to help you handle stressors and for your body to be functioning at its optimal capacity!

First, our office is conveniently located right outside the Downtown District in O'Fallon, Illinois. If you are in town, you may have passed right by us! We are just a mile from I-64 as well. No busy shopping center here, we have our own parking lot for easy access.

The first step to making your way into our practice is to contact us for your initial appointment. You can do this two ways: give us a call directly at (618) 799-0690 or fill out the Contact Us form to have us reach you. We are happy to answer questions over the phone too. Have a more complex question? We can setup a free phone consultation if you have concerns you would like addressed before setting up your New Patient appointment.

You've done it! You have made an appointment. As we will explain on our phone call, we start everyone out with two appointments on the calendar. We know how important your time is and you don't want to waste it sitting in our community room filling out paperwork. All our intake forms are sent out before your appointment and can be filled in digitally on any device. Since we receive all the details before you come in, it also means we can get familiar with your history ahead of your first visit. For most people, your first day in the office will consist of a tour of the office so you know your way around and feel comfortable in our space. Followed by sitting down with the doctor to go over your challenges or concerns and most importantly, your goals for care. Next, we move on to our examination.

Part of our examination includes a super cool, non-invasive technology called Insight Scans, or just scans as you'll hear us say. We are pretty serious about the nervous system over here, so it's crucial that we take the time to measure what's going on within your body. Our newest babies, pregnant moms, and every grown-up will have scans at the start of care. Here's a glimpse of the equipment and what information we get from scans. Don't worry if it doesn't mean much right now, we will go over your results together!

Following your scans, we will get you checked out for the day and ready to go for the best part: your specialized care plan and your first adjustment. This all takes about 45 minutes.

At your follow-up appointment, AKA Day 2, we will go through a full report of findings put together from your history, our conversation in the office at your first appointment, plus your examination and neurological scans. You will get a detailed explanation of whether chiropractic can help with these findings, what the plan of action will be to get you both feeling well AND functioning better. We will also discuss what it will take to help you maintain incredible health, and will go through your financial information. You will have your first adjustment and be on your way in about 45 minutes.

**If you are bringing in your child for care and feel you may need special accommodations such as dividing your initial appointment into a phone consultation followed by the in-office examination, special time slots, etc. Be sure to let us know and we want to make sure this process is as simple as possible!

Once you have started care, your regular visits will be much quicker. Most people are in and out of the office in 10 to 15 minutes. We have a special area for kids to play and color while they wait for their adjustment and to give mom and dad some time for theirs! You can always grab a cup of coffee or tea too. Remember those scans? We repeat those on a regular basis throughout care. We use this information to track progress throughout your care plan.

Those scanning days can take an extra 15-20 minutes.

I hope this helps you feel a bit more comfortable coming into our office at Haven Chiropractic Care. We always go over this information on the phone when you schedule an initial visit too. We look forward to seeing you here one day!

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