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About Haven


Dr. Randi Tyler

Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractor

Growing up, I never experienced chiropractic care. It wasn't until a sports injury in college and a lucky partnership with a nearby chiropractic college that I had my first experience with care. I had gone the traditional route and our school training staff was doing everything they could, but I was a stubborn athlete that just wanted to get back with my team (Go MBU Spartans!). I was sent over to Logan College of Chiropractic for an evaluation in their Sports and Rehabilitation department. It was so cool. I received wonderful, active care from a team of Doctors and students. Plus, I was also able to finish out the season with my team at the National Tournament just as I hoped. 

Still, I went on to finish my marketing degree in 2008. It wasn't until I realized I was desperately missing people in my work life- not just co-workers, but really helping people. I flashed back to my wonderful experience with chiropractic. I soon decided it was back to school for me and started working in a doctor's office to gain valuable experience while I started my classes and enrolled at Logan College of Chiropractic myself.

Sports was my life up through college, and that was my focus in practice initially. Luckily, like any professional, the more I continued my development and research, plus becoming a parent myself, I realized taking care of kids and families- by focusing on their nervous system- is my true calling. Which brings us here, to Haven. After several years (and still ongoing, that's is why they call it 'practice') of digging into the intricacies of taking care of children, women through and after pregnancy, that I am able to finally bring this family-centered practice to life. I feel beyond grateful to be able to share the potential life with chiropractic. 

When, I'm not in the office you will probably find me with my family- my partner, Frank and my two boys Frankie (7) and Jack (4). It might be at the ice rink for hockey, the library, or sneaking out for ice cream. We love to experience our Blues hockey and Cardinals baseball, and visits to the St. Louis zoo. If I'm away, it's more than likely traveling to learn how to take even better care of the kids and families that I know need chiropractic care in their lives. 

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